Free Yahoo Local Business Listing and Citation How-To Guide

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Get Your Free Yahoo Local Business Listing To Show Up On Maps Like This one.
Get Your free Yahoo local business listing

Today I wanted to share a bit of information about how any local company can acquire a legitimate and free Yahoo local business listing on at absolutely no cost. Their age-old human-curated directory is not what it used to be, but you can still get some valuable traffic to your local business website and you do not have to pay to play.

There are paid options, but if you are simply trying to build out as many local citations for your company as you can, I will outline a way to get listed for absolutely free.

I am not sure you can call Yahoo! a search giant these days. Their company has been through many ups and downs through recent years, mostly downs. However, they still hold a huge amount of search volume that your company can benefit from, even though the G dwarfs them. I have seen these listings bump other organic search results from websites too. This means you can get your brick and mortar store showing on maps and elevate your Yahoo! search visibility by just investing a few minutes of your time to grab your free Yahoo local business listing.

The “local business” part of Yahoo! has changed hands a few times through the years, but currently, it is in the hands of Yext. So if you see this name on pages we refer to below, don’t worry you are at the right place.

How to Claim a Free Yahoo Local Business Listing & Citation:

  1. Go ahead and log into a Yahoo! account first.
  2. Click on this link: to get started.
  3. Add all your company info and then click “Find My Listings”.
  4. You should now see a “powered by Yext” screen appear and on this page you will see all sorts of error messages saying your listings are not showing anywhere on the web (in some cases even when you really are) which makes us wonder why a company of this size would use false scare tactics to reel in customers? Anyhow, click the next or continue button on this page.
  5. You will now be prompted to enter the full business information for the Free Yahoo local business listing here, NAP (Name, Address & Phone Number) are obviously the most important, but it always suggested to use your GMB (Google My Business) listing as a reference to make sure your free Yahoo local business listing citations are congruent. Again click the next/continue button to proceed.
  6. You will now be presented with a sales page, you will even see a paid listing in Yahoo, but you don’t need to do that if you are after a free listing. Simply scroll a bit until you see a link below that says “Claim your Basic Listing only on Yahoo” and click this.
  7. This page looks like a standard checkout page, but you will notice that the amount due is zero and you are not required to add a payment method.
  8. You will receive an email shortly from Yext to the business email address you have previously listed.
  9. And if you are close to the business phone you listed, it will be rining soon too. You can talk to the sales rep about other listings, but you really just need to let them know you only want to verify the listing you added or verify your listing through the Yext console you can now log into and that is it!

Now you have your account setup, your free Yahoo local business Listing is verified and can come back to edit as needed. Enjoy your free Yahoo! local business listing and if you are trying to build your visibility in your local market, keep reading our blog to learn more about GMB, local citations and getting more maps listing across the web right here.

Need help growing your local business website traffic, listings or brand? Contact us today and let’s see how we may be able to partner together to build something amazing!

Is Your Online Sales Funnel Broken?

Springfield IL Digital Marketing Agency - Sales Funnel Description Awareness Interest Decision Action

Many online businesses struggle with understanding how they can create a logical flow of web site visitors to right part of their web site at the right time. I must admit, this does not come like second nature to anybody, it simply must be learned. The good news is that we all start at the same place, the beginning. So that being said, keep reading and learn more about how you can create a successful sales funnel on your existing website and start targeting consumers in the right stage of the buying cycle to boost your own conversions.

Customer Buying Cycle – How To Focus Your Sales Funnel

There are 3 different stages in the purchasing process and we have all been through this cycle more times than we can count, even if we were not aware of it while it happened. Understanding this buyer mindset, is essential if you want to create a successful sales campaign, funnel or even advertisement. You may have different landing pages, content to share, email lists and offerings for each, so make sure you understand what keywords and content you are targeting and match it to these different phases to assure that you are getting the most out of your digital sales funnel or advertising dollar.

You will find the same information broken down many different, yet similar ways. If you have seen a research, decision and purchase then you already know where I am going and in fact, many people break down the discovery phase itself into 3 smaller sub-categories. For simplicity’s sake, I have chosen a direct and easy to understand 3 piece breakdown.

Discovery (Awareness)

Hey, a few years ago, nobody has ever heard of an iPhone, but you know what? As people discovered it, they started comparing it to other old style phones and its popularity went through the roof in no time at all. This is where all buying phases start. This is where “branding” or advertising just to let people know that you and your product or service exist is important. Many smaller companies struggle here unfortunately. This is because the return on investment is not as easy to track and in most every case is very delayed.

Understanding your market and being able to position yourself as the leader in a niche is important, but for new marketers and inexperienced online entrepreneurs, it may be worth skipping spending much time and effort here until you have become profitable in the next two phases.

Note: This is where you focus on letting people know about your product or service and why they may need such a product or service.


In fact, many websites are nothing but comparison shopping portals. Add three similar items, compare specs side by site, user reviews and most important to many, price. The same thing happens on search engines every day. People search for “best widget”, “cheapest widget” or “model number widget” to compare what they are looking for and find the one with the best features, price or user reviews. This can be a goldmine for companies and online businesses that offer something that is superior in any of the previously mentioned categories or others.

This is where you can really win over customers that are on the fence about your product or purchasing at all. This is where most people focus and in many cases is about the only area that some marketers are aware of. Strangely enough, there are many other factors that lead to a sale and there are times before and after this phase that can really attribute to the final purchase. If you have special features a dominant price, low for some consumers, but higher may draw people looking for the best quality; you can very well rule in this space.

Note: This is where you focus on what makes your product or service better or at least different from the others on the market today.


The final purchase can actually depend on a lot of factors, even if the buyer has already chosen the exact product or service they know they are going to buy. Do you have good reviews on certain sites, but negative reviews on others? This could be one reason to push your amazon listing over eBay for example. If the buyer does not feel confident purchasing from the page they are displayed, this can be another issue. Some online shoppers only buy from big name websites, if you only sell from your own WordPress site, this could be an issue. If you don’t make coupons available, this can be another stumbling stone, share them often and to all you can, many people are simply bargain hunters and you want them to buy while they are excited about buying.

When a buyer is ready to buy, you can get fast sales if you are marketing at this stage correctly. Do not forget that you need to make the purchasing process easy and continue to add to the confidence that the buyer has made the right decision at this stage. Re-assure any positive benefits and take away any final hesitations and you will sell!

Note: This is where you focus on the right price (including incentives like coupons) and the right marketplace to display your items or services.

And What Do I Do Next?

Well, if you have the time and resources to start piecing the puzzle together. It is really time that you sit down and figure out your customer avatar. This is a slow process, where you think about what your buyer eats, drinks, plays and where they live. Every detail you can add the better. Once you have done this, you can start building a mind map and content, digital downloads and products around each of the different purchasing stages above to create a sales funnel that will really kick ass.

On the other hand, if you need some assistance, hit the contact button at the top right of this page and see how we can help you create the sales funnel that is right for your business.

I am not greedy and you know what, I really am here to help my clients so I wanted to share a couple of resources that will help you further your knowledge on this topic. Check out the short list below to get more in depth info on how these phases can work for your company or online endeavor. So here we go with the link love.

Resource Links:


Please leave any comments and questions you may have about what we have discussed here below. I love to hear from my readers and help elaborate on any points that I have not made clear.

DIY Link Building Help For 2013

seo-cheat-sheetLink building is probably one of the most integral parts of any SEO campaign, with a close runner up being social media. Look, you don’t want to go build spam links everywhere, that is what the guys selling software that does just that will tell you. However, the real deal links are earned. Links people create on their own blogs and web properties, because they found some very remarkable content on your site. This word of mouth advertising done through links is just like finding a hidden gold mine. However, there are some times where putting an article out and building some social links to it are very acceptable. The truth is that there is no “perfect” answer to link building as the rules are always changing.

Not often do we really like to discuss the secret sauce of our marketing efforts, as we are results driven company. However, if you are not ready to take on professional assistance in your online reputation management, but you still need some direction this is the post you have been waiting for.

Below, you will find a direct download link that will take you to the link building cheat sheet that can give you some very solid direction, no matter what type of service or product you are promoting. The concept here is to diversify your link portfolio and the guide gives some great suggestions and proportions to different link sectors, so to speak.


We hope you enjoy the download and don’t forget to comment below,

To Success,

Nick Simpson

Easy Guide To Professional Copywriting Infographic

We know that some people do not want to outsource everything that it will take to get their web presence up and going. Copywriting is not cheap, but there are some darn good reasons to pay for somebody else’s expertise when it comes to writing web copy. The biggest reason is that you may not be a good writer. If you have been posting articles all over the web and you can’t get a clickthrough back to your main website from them, then it may be time to let somebody else take the steering wheel.

On the other hand, nobody does anything perfectly the first time they try. Copy writing is the same, it takes some practice and some guidance to become better. This is why we have shared this cool infographic today. If you are looking for some pointers to get your point across, just keep scrolling down and we promise you will find the answers you are looking for.


Image generously shared by : ABC Copywriting

As always thanks for reading our blog and we would be glad to help you find the right direction for your next online marketing project and yes, we can even help with copywriting!

To Success,

Nick Simpson


Social Marketing Solutions

Social Media Marketing

Social Media MarketingSocial Marketing is one of the newest and largest online marketing focal points for business today. Everybody should already have their own presence on Facebook, Twitter and other huge social sites; but that is not always the case. As many aspects of online marketing, the rules, options and features of profile pages, fan pages and more are constantly changing. This is one area that NS Technologies excels. We are proud to offer many years of experience in social media marketing and offer full gambit of services that will allow you to make the most of your social presence and give your customers a reason to want to interact with your various social web properties.

Why Outsource Social Media Marketing?

There are many reasons that it really makes good business since to outsource this type of work. In fact, many of the largest companies in the world are happy to outsource their social media marketing efforts to professionals because they simply do not have time to keep up with all the micro-management needed to produce an effective social media campaign. For smaller companies, this makes since because the learning curve of producing results with online marketing can be huge. No matter how big or small your company is, our specialists can help you get the results you need and work within the constraints of your marketing budget.

How Can We Track Our Marketing Success On Social Media Sites?

There are many different metrics that can be used to track the success of marketing efforts. Using landing page conversions or click through results to your home page is one way. Sometimes just looking at your growing followers or fans is enough information to see the direction of a campaign. When we start working with your company, we can always discuss the types of results you are looking for and put tracking capabilities in place to assure complete transparency and accountability in all that we do.

What Social Marketing Services Does NS Technologies Offer?

We offer a wide range of services and are currently proud to offer a huge amount of Facebook marketing options. There are many social media sites that can produce a huge amount of traffic, interest and sales. We have found that many of our customers are most interested in Facebook, because many of the existing customer base and prospects already reside on this popular social media property. We offer everything from fan page design, to like gates, contests and more. Contact us today to see what we can do to help move your business forward!

How To Get US Traffic To Your Web Site

get-usa-traffic-how-toThis is a question that I ran across on a Google+ community and it really got me to thinking more about it. In all actuality, I have never really thought about this in the past, because I am in the US and most organic traffic that is going to my web properties is from the United States, so this issue has never confronted me before. However, now that it is on my mind, I have spent a few minutes to put together some information to help on this G+ SEO Thread and any others who are struggling with the same issues. Actually if you put forward some consistent effort it should not be hard to turn your traffic to laser focused visits in no time at all.

I hope you find the information listed below to be both helpful and intuitive. If you do have any questions or comments about the information shared I look forward to hearing from you in the comments section at the bottom of the page. I also would love for you to share, like, + or tell others about this information as I love to help others achieve their online goals and I think there is some very valuable information within.

Why Would You Want To Focus On Visitors From The United States?

This is a no brainer to those who already looking, but for others it may be a weird question initially. The most common reason people are hunting for U.S. traffic is that they have advertisers who are targeting this demographic. Many CPA offers only pay if the web forms are filled out by US residents and this means traffic from the good old U S of A means cash in your pocket. If you have a site that is directed toward this region, you simply must have traffic from the same area or the content is not relevant. No matter why you want the traffic from this country there are some easy ways to assure you get more.

Why Some Sites May Get More Traffic From India or Other Countries

It is no secret that India, Pakastan and some other countries are full of online spammers and those looking to create bulk automated junk links on your site. If you accept comments on posts or any other way for people to get a link, like profiles, you will get lots of crazy traffic from these regions. These link spammers run tools that scrape the internet and in fact they may want a link on your site, for the same reason you are reading this article!

Another reason many people may see traffic from various countries is if your server is hosted in a country rather than the USA. If your content is based around topics that are not geographically located in the United States of America, this is yet another reason you may see traffic from countries other than the United States. Now, if you don’t fall into any of these categories, then keep reading because we are going to discuss some other factors that you can fix to get the traffic you are looking for.

How To Get Traffic From United States Visitors

  1. Google Webmaster Tools – Go to your Google webmaster tools account and set your preferred geographic location to the US.
  2. Local Search Engines – Find search engines that are small but only list USA content and get listed.
  3. Use Local Listing On Huge Sites – Google Places, Bing Local and Yahoo! Local all offer listing for local and geo-targeted sites, businesses and organization, so make sure to utilize these resources.
  4. Classified Sites – Yep, there are thousands of classified sites and many are local or at least allow you to choose a local demographic to be listed under. These listings do send signals to the big boys of search and can make a big impact if utilized properly.
  5. Citations Can Help – Get bloggers or other online writers to cite your work and your location of course!
  6. Forums, Bulletin Boards and Communities – Join, setup your profile and add your link; but most importantly interact with the groups!
  7. Get a Server In The US – This is a no brainer, why does Google think my website is in Japan, well it could be because that is where your web site is! If you need a cheap US host, just use the contact form above and I can get you setup fast and easy.
  8. Targeted Backlinks – Yep, getting links from country specific sites of any kind can be a good idea too. You must only go for quality links, remember spam links may actually lead to de-indexation by Google so don’t get caught trying to be a black hat here.

I hope the information I shared here today is helpful and that it is put into action so you can start seeing the results you are looking for soon.

To your success,

Author Nick Simpson

5 Steps To Online Marketing Success Infographic Guide

There are lots of master systems out there. In fact, everybody has their own idea of what the real secret sauce behind Google page one results. Our agency uses a customized marketing plan depending on what your clients needs are. However, this sounds like a solid plan for do it yourself seo and online marketers that are looking to give their business a boost in rankings and find new customers. Take a look at this cool SEO InfoGraphics to see how a system can move your business forward.

We look forward to seeing your online business succeed and hope to see you in our showcase site list soon. Looking forward to your thoughts and comments below.

5 Steps To Online Marketing Success Author Nick Simpson

I personally hope the information shared here helps you get a new perspective on how simple a working marketing plan can be and how some online assets can work in tandem. This graphic outlines some of the most common and effective marketing strategies out there. Of course there are many more dynamics that come into play, but this is great “quick and dirty” marketing layout that really can produce some amazing results when implemented correctly.


To your continued success,

Author and Owner Nick Simpson