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portfolioHello and thanks for taking the time to review NS Technologies’ work. We are proud of what we do and we are sure you will be happy with our work too. Many of our designers, coders, seo and social marketing specialists have worked for other agencies in the past. Nick Simpson has brought together a strong team to start his new endeavor called NS Technologies.

Below you will find a list of some our most recent work. Please let us know if you have any questions and we hope to be adding many more very soon!


This was a very interesting project that included multiple installations of wordpress for the client. Pathway Services Unlimited Inc is  a non profit that offers many community related services including assistance for those with mental disabilities, retails store and recycling services of electronic goods. I found a lot of great people here and was glad to have the pleasure to work on such a challenging and expansive project. The main web site explains all their services, while the back end employee portal keeps all the documents employees and board members need at their fingertips even if they are at home.

Before Website Redesign

Pathway Services Unlimited, Inc. - We Specialize in AMAZING People!_20130321-155332

After Website Redesign

NS Technologies - Pathway Services Unlimited, Inc. - We Specialize in AMAZING People!


This site is currently being setup for a local business. The main focus of this business is mobile automotive detailing. They offer many other vehicle care related services and when we sat down with the owner Brian Hoots, he said he wanted something simple that worked on mobile devices too. We were amazed that he already understood that millions of users are moving over to smartphones and away from PC computers. This was our main focus as we moved forward with his project.

You will see 3 different smart sizes below, the original web site format, iPad and smart phone views. You will notice how various blocks of content move around to fit any size of screen and when it is switched to mobile device views the phone number at the top of the site, turns into a click call button.

Full Website View


iPad View


Smart Phone View




This project is being managed by NS Technologies, we also had the pleasure of setting up and designing their site. The concept of this organization is providing proven systems to assist community projects in becoming financially self sustaining. If you are part of an organization that is inundated with constantly creating fund raising events to keep helping others, Stacey Huish may be the “game changer” that you are looking for. Check out the site and make sure to contact Stacey for a quick overview of what all the TTOFG team has to offer.





SouthJacksonville.org Coming Soon!

The Village Of South Jacksonville was an early adopter to online information for their community on the internet. They have had a website for a long time. In fact, so long that they have decided it is time to do some spring cleaning. We agree that their current web site has an aged look, but we also noted that they have awesome, up to date content. After seeing the current site we are happy they choose us to help them move to a more modern look and are excited to display all the most recent happening in their community.



 Click for full size image please | And make sure to check back for the new look soon!



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